About me

“In my late teens, anxiously confronted with overwhelmingly hungry pigs, I decided I no longer wanted to study Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamics agriculture and changed career to a short spell as a tree surgeon and gardener. Since then my working life seems to have revolved around healing. I started out practising remedial massage and then moved to traditional Chinese medicine - acupuncture and herbs. From there I trained as a psychotherapist and I have continued in this for the last twenty years specialising in trauma and mindfulness based stress reduction. As such I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist, an EMDR registered practitioner and I have completed both stages of the Bangor University Mindfulness Teacher Training retreats.

In 2006 I started teaching the Eight Week Mindfulness course in Bath and soon afterwards in Bristol. I have a long association with Buddhism and the work of Bob Moore and have found that both of these naturally inform and influence the Jon Kabat-Zinn course. For myself mindfulness based therapies have become important and ground breaking, re-orientating the whole way I work.”