Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and counselling provide a safe and confidential setting in which to talk about what we feel and think, what worries us, what our dreams and fantasies are. Sitting with another who we can trust and who can listen well has always been a way to ease pain and suffering, and help us find a deeper self-understanding. By resolving past conflicts we can begin to live more fully now.

There are many different approaches to psychotherapy. My approach draws on a variety understandings including principally the work of Ron Kurtz and Hakomi Theory, Eugene Gendlin's Focusing and C. G. Jung's Analytical Psychology. However my basic belief is that a mindfulness based psychotherapy can help us to be more fully present with what our life gives us - able to accept with out fear what has happened in our past, what is happening now and what might happen in the future. It also strengthens our ability to be more generous to our self and others. And out of these two, awareness and an intelligent kindness, some insight may be born.

Psychotherapy can help when:

  • we are depressed, anxious or stressed
  • we want to improve our relationships
  • we suffer panic attacks
  • we live with eating disorders
  • we experienced loss or bereavement
  • we are confused about our sexuality
  • our life seems to lack meaning
  • we want to develop our potential
  • we suffer from obsessional thoughts
  • we feel held back by lack of confidence
  • we suffer physical problems with no clear physical cause

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does psychotherapy take?

Short term work usually identifies problems and sets us on our way while long term offers us the support, continuity and skills to make deep seated changes.

So how long?

This is different for each person but it does clearly emerge over time between us and our therapist.

How often do I need to come to therapy?

This is decided between our self and our therapist but most usually we meet at the same time once each week.

How much will it cost?

The fee for each psychotherapy session is £45. I may offer a reduced fee in special circumstances.

How do I choose a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapy is all about relationship so I recommend we meet for an exploratory session and that you make your decision after that. When we meet you can tell the me about yourself and your concerns and we will confirm whether psychotherapy can help. I will also tell you about cost and find a good time for both of us to meet. Remember that you need not decide on the spot, you can go away and think about it.

What do I do next?

Ring or e-mail me:
01364 631590