Supervision and Training

Supervision can be emotionally and intellectually stimulating and sometimes we may feel vulnerable. What I look for in supervision is curiosity, openness, a friendly acceptance towards what ever we find. “Mistakes” are valuable, without them we learn less, making them takes courage. I believe the therapist must find their own solutions, their own way of working.

My own theoretical background encompasses Jungian psychology, body work using the ideas of Reich, Lowen and Kurtz. The new research on trauma and its treatment with EMDR. And centrally, the practice of mindfulness.

However while valuing theoretical understanding I also place great value in experiential insight, being able to step away from quick and easy ideas towards being mindfully present with the immediacy of the felt sense, following the process and trusting our innate wisdom.

I provide supervision for students in training, graduate psychotherapists and counsellors. I also offer talks and tasters on mindfulness based stress reduction.

Teaching Mindfulness Supervision

I have completed Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice four day mindfulness supervision training. I offer supervision for teachers of the eight week mindfulness course and therapists using mindfulness within their practice.

Fee £55

What do I do next?

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